ZX Version 2.0 Update: double the fun

Virgil's Purgatory 2.0 (ZX Spectrum) 2023

This version, much more than fixing bugs and fine-tuning gameplay, completely reimagines the game, modifying some central elements and adding a lot more content. It feels almost like a sequel to the 2021 ZX Spectrum game. When I created the MSX version, I added some content due to the extra memory that the MSX compiler allows. I wanted to somehow bring the ZX version up to par, and in the end, I made something much bigger, not only by adding the extra content from the MSX version but by expanding the game into practically a second one.

The game is now divided into two chapters, with the first one containing almost all the content from the 2021 game, plus additional music and areas, and a second chapter with more new music, areas, and bosses. In the first chapter, or Side A of the tape, you play in the "Top Purgatory" and recover Virgil's abilities. The "Low Purgatory" is the second Chapter, where you continue with the same abilities from the end of the first (double jump and automatic head return), have to find some keys to progress, and face other bosses. The second part is a bit more linear, although it still requires you to return to areas with keys, specially to collect all the chips.

Graphics have been improved, extra details and colors have been added while maintaining the overall aesthetic of the 2021 version. Controls and gameplay mechanics have been enhanced, especially the head attack when you pick up the power-up that makes it automatically return to the body.

Now, the hearts, which increase your vitality gauge, are no longer scattered throughout purgatory, and you increase your heart gauge by 1 for each boss you defeat. In place of the hearts, there are now chips, 5 in each chapter, for you to recover Virgil's memories when he was alive. At the end of each chapter, the game will tell you how many chips out of the total you managed to collect.

Key Features of Version 2.0:

  • Nearly Double the Gameplay Time
  • 3 New Stage Bosses in Addition to the Existing 4
  • 3 Extra Music Tracks, Totaling 7 as in the MSX Version
  • Numerous New Enemies, in Addition to the Existing Ones
  • 50 New Screens Arranged in a New Area, the Low Purgatory
  • 10 Chips to Collect (5 in Each Chapter) to Uncover Virgil's Origin Story
  • New Graphical Details in Existing Scenarios
  • New Loading Screens, One for Each Chapter

In the "A" folder, you will find versions of the game in both Portuguese and English for the first chapter, and in the "B" folder, you will find versions for the second chapter.

Now for $ 6 anyone can have all the versions (ZX 2021, MSX EX, and ZX 2.0 2023 versions). If you have buyed it on the past just take the new download.

Have fun.



Virgil's Purgatory ZX 2.0 (2023 Version) (ZX Spectrum) 338 kB
Sep 09, 2023

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