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Virgil is a man who was decapitated, now he must wander through his own purgatory in search of his true head and perhaps eternal rest.

What started as an entry into GBJam5-2016 turned out to be something bigger. Now called Virgil's Purgatory, the game has been rebalanced, bug fixed, contains 2 new areas, 2 new bosses, 3 new songs, new enemies, new texts, new and complete end for the game, among other details. The game now has 30 to 60 minutes of total game play.

Now in 3 versions:

  • Super GB English (colorful with SGB border)
  • Super GB PT-BR (portuguese translated)
  • GB Monochrome Version (Classic GB green tones)


  • 5 bosses (one optional)
  • 6 areas (one optional)
  • Upgrades powerups
  • 6 Chiptunes
  • Pixel Art in 4 colors
  • Super GB Border
  • GB 160X144 Resolution
  • CRT filters (scanlines)

The Source code will downlodable for a fee in the next days, so you can learn how to do a similar game on Arcade Game Studio. From now that's will be the format of my productions: the game for free, and the source for a fee (Both as an incentive for myself, as to ensure that only those who have real interest will download the source).


Para brasileiros: caso tenham problemas em pagar via Paypal, ou se preferirem como alternativa, você pode comprar o jogo via transferencia PIX no valor de R$ 10,00.  Após a transferencia por favor envie um email para paulo_villalva@yahoo.com.br informando qual jogo você adquiriu.

Chave PIX: 476864fb-67e2-4cf3-a1e4-1ff45ed6c456

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tags8-Bit, castlevania, chiptune, Game Boy, GBJam, Metroidvania, sgb, super-gameboy
Average sessionA few minutes


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

Virgil's Purgatory Super GB - ENG 9 MB
Virgil's Purgatory Colorido (Português BR) 9 MB
Virgil's Purgatory Monochrome Version (ENG) 9 MB
Virgil-GBJAM5 version.zip (outdated) 4 MB
Virgil SGB Source Code (ARGS project files).zip 7 MB


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Você tinha que lançar isto na Play Store, rapaz. Muito bom.

legal que gostou. Playstore é difícil (a engine é limitada, e mesmo que fosse possível é caro e é um game simples pra ter retorno financeiro, ficaria no preju). Mas tenho investido em lançar no steam meus próximos games. Acompanhe meu twitter (estou desenvolvendo 3 games atualmente, um pra megadrive) e confira meu game na steam, está em promoção só essa semana (na postagem fixa do meu twitter tem o link)  ;) https://twitter.com/amawek

love your game!!! hope I ever get to do something so fun and aesthetically pleasing.

Thanks for the feedback, Henrike. I'm gald you enjoyed my game. What you liked most in the game? What should you improve?


the graphics are the best! great controls (tosing the skull was fun and challenging), and the overall mood of every scene was just right (gameboy feel, great chiptunes), I enjoyed every minute of the virgil's purgatory experience. I would have to think for a while in order to find things to improve, but i think is just great as it is.

I'm really happy to read your words, thanks! I'm close to finish my next game, the gameplay is more simple compared to Virgil's, but the aesthetics are something like a cross between 80's computer games and German expressionist cinema from de 20's and 30's. I should release it at the end of this month, stay tuned.

that sounds awesome!

Henrike Martxa, my new game is on steam greenlight: Devwill


If aproved it will be sell very cheap ;)