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Devwill Too MD

Devwill Too is a original and challenge screen by screen platformer game for Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis.

Download the Demo version for free, or pay a small fee for the full version of the rom file. You will need an fhash cart to play this game on your MD/Gen or an emulator to play on the platform of you like.

 You can buy the full game in physical cartridge only at Mega Cat Studios store:  www.megacatstudios.com

The full game has the following features:

► 1 player Jum and slide action with 18 levels
► Combo system adds the challenge
► 13 animated cutscenes and polished graphics
► 15 Original Sound Tracks and a Jukebox to listen all the songs
► +1 extra life every 400 points and Hiscore system
► The game is hard, but you have Unlimited continues


► B jump
► A or C slide

CREDITS (mangangá team)
► Art + music: Paulo “amaweks” Villalva - http://twitter.com/amaweks
► Code: nemezes - http://twitter.com/laudelino7
► Testing: Luiz Villalva - http://twitter.com/lmvvml

Some extra words from the conception of this game:

Devwill Too is somehow a sequel to Devwill, my fourth PC game https://paulo_villalva.itch.io/devwill . I say this because it settles in another universe, with other characters in another space and time. It follows not the story of the Golem from the first game, but the existential questions surrounding the relationship between "Creator" and "creature", the will to exist and the search for a reason, among other aspects. This time, you live the adventure of a Hounculus, an "artificial" being that explores this world with the will and curiosity of a newborn.


Devwill Too é, de alguma maneira, uma sequência de Devwill, meu quarto jogo para PC https://paulo_villalva.itch.io/devwill . Digo isso porque se instala em outro universo, com outros personagens em outro espaço e tempo. Dá sequência não à história do Golem do primeiro o primeiro jogo, mas sim às questões existenciais em torno da relação entre "Criador" e  "criatura", a vontade de existir e a busca de uma razão para tanto, entre outros aspectos. Desta vez, você vive a aventura de um Hounculus, uma forma de vida "artificial" que explora este mundo com a vontade e curiosidade de um recém nascido.


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Devwill Too MD - (ENG) Full.bin 3 MB
Devwill Too MD (PT-BR) Full.bin 3 MB

Download demo

devwill too demo ver rom.zip 509 kB


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Wow I love this!  I found you while looking at the Arcade Game Studio, but what tools did you use to create this genesis game may I ask?  


I used a tool named Laudelino... that's a little joke, Luadelino is the coder, I do music and graphics, and we both share the level and game design. he code for megadrive using the SGDK, a library that alow you to code in C language for Sega Genesis/mega drive. 

Please, take a look on his itch acount too: https://nemezes.itch.io/

Awesome thank you! SGDK looks really cool (I think I might have fiddled with that once upon a time). 

P.S. Your first sentence was hilarious!