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Death's Apprentice is a PC-Windows game. It's an Arcade Platformer with a linear progression through the stages.

key Features:

- 21 unique stages

- 11 Boss battles

- Arcade gameplay with powerup and combo system

- Original Artwork and sound tracks by the author



A USB controller can be configured in-game, and keyboard keys can also be remapped. By default the controls are:

Keyboard arrows = Move character, up and down stairs, down.

A = Attack

S = jump

D = Special Attack

There are also game engine configuration keys:

ESC = access the controls settings menu, help and exit the game.

F10 = switch between resolutions and video modes

F11 = enters and exits full screen

´ [ ] = (keys next to the enter) toggle the screen brightness level and turn on/off scanline effects.


Game mechanics:

Damage and respawn: your character dies when touching an enemy or being hit by a projectile. When dying, you will continue from the same point (screen), until the stock of lives runs out. Continues are infinite, but using it takes you back to the beginning of the level.

Powerups: 3 attack levels, first (blue) is a short attack, second (green) is medium ranged, and level 3 (brown) is long range and bounces off enemies.

Combos: With the Level 3 Powerup, the weapon bounces from one enemy to another, allowing you to perform combos that give you extra points.

Items and Score: every 1000 points you gain 1 extra life. each kind of item give you different scores, enemies killed too. There are even items that give you extra health or a special attack.


Questions and answers

Q: I tried to load the game but it got a file not found error.

A: Unzip the game in a folder other than the desktop or Windows user folders, such as: C\games\apprentice\. So the game should load normally.

Q: I'm having problems with control and video settings or game slowdown.

A: Close the game, delete the "cabinet.ini" file, and load it again. Then press F10 and test each of the video modes, some modes may be faster than others on your computer.

StatusIn development
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
TagsArcade, combos, Pixel Art, Retro, Zombies


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DeathA_Demo02_ENG.rar 4 MB
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Death's Apprentice (ENG 1.0.0) 44 MB
Death_PT-BR.zip 42 MB

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I wanna play it, but it does not launch. The error points to file corruption.

Unfortunate the engine I've used get obsolet and some times does not work on some computers. Try to unzip the game on another path and restart your computer after get this error message. If it still does not work I'm afraid it wont on your computer, sorry.

great jobs

Thanks for the gameplay. Unfortunate the game runs slow on some machines. That's one reason why I have abandoned this obsolete engine

no problem ... i like vibes amiga ..