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Very original game

review in spanish

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Wow, thank you, Tomorrow I'll post on my social media, thanks for sharing.

Hi there! Great game (I sincerely mean this), and I have been enjoying it for a long while now. I just started a new game on v1.1 and got to a position where I was not able to move anymore. I have an RZX recording I could share with you if you are interested.

Hi, thanks for the kind words. Yes, I whant to see your recording, please, sent it to me on any of my social media profiles. You can find the link for it on my website

Hi Amaweks, here is a link to the rzx I made:

(this is the first time I have shared a link using the cloud service I subscribe to so let me know if the link fails for you).

Thanks for all your efforts, 


Hi, thanks for the feedback. Yes, I've downloaded the recording. I see just what happened, It's possible to move the sprite before the screen was rendered, so it's possible to enter inside the wall if you move fast. I'll keep that in mind and figure out a way to workaround this bug if I made a new update on the game. Sorry for the incovinient, for now, just let the square fall on that part and the game should play as intended. Thanks again for the feedback.

Nice game!

WOW, thanks again Sabrman, always love to  see your videos on Indie Retro News. And by the way, happy new year.

Many thanks for this, here is my tribute to your game...

Thank you very much, always makes me glad to hear some kind words about one of my games. Ckeck it out some of my other works, contact me on twitter in case you need a copy, and stay tuned cause soon there will be news on my itchio ;)

Great game. But I have experienced a crash on the MSX version, using OpenMSX and the cbios MSX2 machine. Here, when I entered the hole on the right and my avatar touched the purple line, system hanged. Sound stopped. Could not do anything else than reset.

Crazy bug. I'll see what I can do. For now, use another emulator or bios set.


I think I've now Fixed this bug. I'll make more tests but nex week I should update the MSX Version

This is ART!

Thanks... and game too, both at the same time ;)

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I just ordered the cassette version of this game after having tried the free version on emulator. This is pure art! Tremendously well done!

Thanks for buying the cassette. I'm glad people liked the game, the intention was merge art with game without loosing any aspect. Thanks

Absolutely Fantastic game!...sooo good i had to review it. Hope you enjoy the video:  TCQ - a NEW zx spectrum game from - YouTube

Awesomne, alredy shared your video on social media. i'm glad you liked that much not only the game itself but the cassette. Our intention (myne and tecknamic) was that the cassette was made abstract, with clean aesthetics, with minimun text, like the game. Thanks for the awesome review.

Thank you, means alot. Looking forward to your next release!

Muitos parabéns Paulo Andrés pelo jogo brilhante, e por provar que um videojogo pode por si só ser uma obra de arte. E não apenas o jogo, como também o seu 'veículo' físico que está pouco menos que exceptional. Tenho uma pergunta rápida que é se o conto escrito pelo Luiz Souza com um Kandinsky fictício está de alguma forma disponível para ser lido. Caso não esteja, penso que a sua disponibilização seria mais uma excelente forma de dar o contexto do jogo. Mais uma vez muitos parabéns.

Olá, obrigado pelas palavras calorosoas sobre o jogo.  Sim, o conto do Luiz Souza está na revista que nós, junto com outras pessoas, elaboramos. O PDF da revista Anacronia pode ser acessado no link abaixo:

Além disso existe também um texto secreto cifrado que elaborei a partir do jogo. esá por ai, para ser decifrado hehehe

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Awesome game ! This is a really masterpiece  of genius who likes code and art for sure.

Thanks for the gameplay, I'm glad you liked the game.

A truly great game! One of the best 'experiences' I had on the Speccy in the last decade. Can't praise enough the work you've done. Congratulations!

Thanks, I'm really glad with the reception of the game.

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Looks original and fantastic. I will for sure support this. Is there any music for the ZX 128K? It is no info about it.

Thanks, and yes, the game has in game music if played on 128k.

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Very nice music :) I just completed the game on real ZX 128k with CRT. Bought the digital and the cassette. Love the game :) Hope you will make a sequel.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked. A Sequel? maybe, not now, it may take a while since I have plenty of projects fo finnish, but some day it may have.

Ok :) I can wait ;)

Meanwhile I'll make plenty of other games that you may like too ;)

Hi nikosidis,  thank you for purchasing the cassette! We are preparing the orders and will start shipping next week! :)

I got the cassette. Looks fantastic! Thanks :)

=) I'm glad people are liking this much the game. Thanks for buying the cassette =)

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Muy bonito el juego,gracias

Gracias, eu quem lhe agradeço, espero que aproveite a experiência.

Awesome game!

Thanks, nice gameplay.

This is the essence of Art. The 8bits avant-garde. Congratulations!


Thanks, I'm glad people are noticing the artistic aspect and dimension of thegame.