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Will you make a version I can play on Mac?

Sorry, this game was made on a very old engine, I wish i could make it for Mac and Linux, but the engine is windows only.

That’s too bad! It looks like a cool game

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I gave the first few levels a shot. Quite weird and Fraps decided to record it in a very weird way. :)

(OBS would have captured it correctly probably)

Nice gameplay. you've lost a lot of secret's, what was already expected by the level design for a first contact with the game. Nice to know that the controls can be understood in the course of gameplay, without great tutorials unless the screen "how to play" in the beginning. As for the format that Fraps recorded, it must be some incompatibility between Fraps video modes and the ones of the game. During the game, the F10 key changes video modes (resolutions). It might be better to capture it in window mode (F11). Dowload version 1.0.1, which makes some adjustments (the most important of the " gost jump"). Thanks for the video (and for the gameplay, and feedback).

It just says "Error(2), could not load game file." :(

You have to unzip (unpack) the game. The game will not run if it stays ziped. Click the zip file with the right button of the mouse, chose "extract" or "extract to", and unzip the file to a folder. In the folder you can now run Marlow.exe, it will load the the game file (marlow.args).

It's unzipped. There's MARLO.args in there but renaming it doesn't help. Windows 10.

Hum... strange, but let's try:

1) The ".args" file must be in the same directory of the .exe

2) Try deleting the "cabinet.ini" file, it's de configuration file, the executable will create a new one.

3) Try to activate "Direct play" on the windows 10, here is a tutorial:

Let me know if this have solved the error or not. Thanks.

So today I'm starting the game and it works when freshly extracted from the zip. I made some windows settings changes because indexing (well, searching for apps by typing in start) wasn't working. One of the things I did besides few GPEDIT and registry changes was deleting my user's locale folder (which got re-created at next boot). Perhaps that's related or my system is/was messed up in just some other way.

Anyways, now it's working. Thanks for the help and sorry for this weird non-reproducible error.


I'm glad it's working now, there's no need to be sorry. Anyone is always welcome to ask anything. Cheers.