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Você utilizou qual ferramenta para fazer essa nova retrô pérola?

Olá, eu desenvolvi o jogo em MPAGD

Is there a demo file for ZX Spectrum ?

No, there is no demo version.

Great game and so cute!

I'm glad you liked. Awesome gameplay, thanks for sharing =)

How do I play this - with an emulator?  I can never figure out how to configure PC keyboards to play with them...

Yes,  you need an ZX Spectrum Emulator.  Let me give you a sugestion: donwload FUSE

Read Fuse readme file to know how to configure it (Tip: after open it use F9 on the keyboard you can chose the ZX model to emulate, choose  128k model to have in game music).

For using USB controles I recommend using a program like JoytoKey:

You can map imputs form the keyboard to your Joypad imputs. This is the easy way to do it, i use Joytokey in a lot of situations like Old PC games or emulators for old systems that do not have joypad or have complicated joypad suport.

I hope to have helped you, have fun.

Up on Indie Retro News :D

=) Thanks for spreading the word, I'm very happy with people reception of my little ZX game.

bundle coop?

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Sorry? you whant to sell a bundle of your game and Devwill Too ZX? I want to wait a bit for this, I just released the game. But after some time we can talk about a bundle package, but not now, thanks.